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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a ripley police officer was indicted today. kyle moore facing six new felony counts. sheree: that officer was hospitalized with a broken jock, broken nose, and severe concussion. brian hamrick has the exclusive interview with that police officer. reporter: considering his injuries, the recovery is amazing. it reminds you of a fighter that won' t stay down. he keeps surprising people. m taking one day at a time and getting better. >> his recovery has gone well t wait to do next. do you planned a return back to work? >> isn' t as i can, i plan on returning back to work.
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suspect and without warning, the man attacked. >> i was informing him he had a warrant and he said he did not want to go back to jail. i asked him why that was and i remember being taken care of by the personnel. >> he was located the next day and arrested. he is charged with six felony counts. >> i know this is temporary. i wouldn' t even have him to take care of now. >> she is thankful her husband will be ok and for all the support they received. >> people we don' t even know just showing their respect for him and thanking him for everything he does. we are so humbled. >> there' s no other job in the world for me and i will be doing this until i' m told not to do it anymore. >> he' s looking forward to
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there is a fundraiser at the ripley american legion and john will be there. >> live in the newsroom. >> glad he' s doing well. kyle moore remains behind bars. happening now, a homicide investigation is underway after a man is shot at least five times just a few hours ago. mike: natalie clark live on the scene. reporter: i can tell you that crews are wrapping up the scene after assessing and processing what happened here for several hours. take a look behind me on franklin avenue where the young man' s body was found lying in the street. that is where police believe he collapsed. the call came into district fou r. officers found a man lying in
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fired at this man. they described him as a white man in his upper 20' s to lower 30' s. it looks as though he ran away from the building and collapsed on the street. a school close by was shut down temporarily as students and buses were getting ready to pick up the children. that was temporarily for safety measures. they are still looking for the suspect and whoever fired those deadly shots. >> neighbors in hamilton rushed to help a woman left partially naked. >> she was held at knife point and raped. we are learning about for similar crimes.
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>> of those five, police reports show 3 took place in and around the greenwood cemetery. >> it is really quiet around here. >> those living across from the cemetery have seen their share of panic. one neighbor called 911. others rushed to help the woman. >> she was crying and gasping for air. almost kind of a panic attack. >> the man held a knife to her neck. >> she was partially naked. the suspect had forced her to perform a sexual act against her will and forced her to take her close off. >> we were leaving our home and saw a woman who is the victim of
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>> he held a knife to her face. >> the report of another rape. reports from september of two similar cases on the other side of town. >> there is nothing the general citizenry has to worry about. >> police are not sure if the attacks are connected. charges against the victims very but include disorderly conduct and loitering. >> nobody deserves anything bad to happen to them. reporter: police are taking the cases seriously. none of the victims are cooperating. sheree: one of the cases the police did make an arrest but the victim did not show up to
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mike: serving 20 years in prison, a life sentence on separate charges. found guilty of sex crimes involving a child younger than 12 and prosecutors are recommending life in prison. he was convicted of arson and assault. update in the raid of a fairfield township spot. two women arrested in the raid of asian spot and pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges to avoid a trial that was supposed to begin on monday. they were initially charged with promoting prostitution which is a felony but pleading guilty to disorderly conduct. accusing planned parenthood of accusing abortions illegally in the state. the group opened a clinic and the governor said the organization does not have a
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procedure in his state and the abortions are not legal. >> there is no tolerance for people in the commonwealth of kentucky disregarding the law. they are doing it knowingly and they will be brought to justice on this front. mike: planned parenthood says the organization is in compliance but the office of inspector general sent a cease and desist letter to plant parenthood because their application has multiple deficiencies. lawmakers could take a final vote to amend the informed consent law and require women to meet face-to-face or videoconference 24 hours before having an abortion. the bills supporters say some doctors have circumvented that requirement by having patients listen to a recorded message instead on the phone with no
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sheree: elementary school students spent the morning honoring heroes. it was an emotional program at ridgeway elementary school. the mother and sister all in the not many dry eyes. this was in the fall before the death last month. they want students to know anyone can be a hero. sheree: his wife told us off camera than as a teacher, they love seeing children involved in
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mike: policing and raise them -- racism in america. sheree: a two-day conference is underway. even law enforcement leaders are participating. they say reducing police profiling will serve the interests of police and our community. >> there is always a chilling effect. >> the process of being tough on crime, we begin to stop people based on the traffic violation. the motivation is typically race. sheree: although the collaborative approach to policing isn' t perfect, it' s a good model that other cities can learn from.
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>> and more than one high school in our area is receiving a golden football. sheree: and how soon did the ohio epa know about problems in a northern ohio city. kevin: and a minor setback today but the chill is on its way out and welcoming in a little taste
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sheree: every high school with a graduate that is played in the super bowl received a golden football. they received two footballs off of six super bowl appearances. >> presented to 21 different schools across the tri-state. more super bowl experience than any other. two legends and two different eras. roger stall bock both influencing and inspiring today' s students. >> this place was like my second home.
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it was just a joy to come here. >> he helped take the tennessee titans to super bowl 34 and roger stall bock made it to five super bowl' s and was represented today by his high school football cocaptain. >> he came from a middle-class background like virtually everybody in here and purcell was an important part of who he became. and he' s never forgotten that either. of cavaliers. >> they encourage you to do better. we will all be successful. >> i have to give it up to one
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she really wanted me to come here. all of my friends went to other schools. >> a dedication that paid off for him and his all modern. >> the sycamore high school aviators will be presented with a golden football tonight as the team takes on hamilton. we have a link on our website. also tonight, the attorney general wants to help you protect your personal information from scammers and hackers. >> he wants to remind everyone out there to update your password often and be careful which wi-fi connection you use on your mobile devices. another big part of it is not sharing too much information
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>> there are people out there that want to steal your identity. they want to steal your credit cards. they want to get your social security number and they want to get your bank account number. and constantly trying to figure out ways of doing that. >> even one of his family members was the victim of identity theft. later, her car was broken into. northern ohio. we are learning that the ohio epa knew that there was a lead leakage in the water system. representatives are questioning why months passed before water was tainted. sheree:
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they received $150,000, $35,000 donated to kennedy city youth. tickets for the 2013 tournament go on sale march 1. mike: i wanted to tell you the cincinnati cyclones are bringing something big to the rink. you will see a lot of pink. it includes pink ice, jerseys, and a postgame party with coaches and players. thousands will take part and the second annual rose and 5k. kevin: we have another cold night to get through.
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temperatures tomorrow will probably be about 15 or 20 degrees warmer than they were today. and all our attention could focus on it potent storm system. maybe even the threat for some stronger thunderstorms by tuesday. temperatures falling quickly the next couple of hours. clear skies and light wind. temperatures what no problem dropping through the 30' s on their way down into the upper 20' s. a look at a cold evening as we look towards the big mac bridge. current temperature is 38 at the airport. it is winter, right? temperatures will fall pretty significantly. already down below freezing. it will be warmer as you work
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you will see over the next hour or two, temperatures will quickly slid down. temperatures will drop this evening and level off overnight because the wind is already beginning to go around to the south. tomorrow, it will set the stage for the big time warm-up. the cold air is on its way up. behind that will be 50' s and 60' s. this air is going to be making a move across the midwest and into the ohio valley by tomorrow morning. here' s a look at futurecast. saturday will be sunnier than sunday but even sunday when you talk mid-50' s, with or without clouds, it will be very comfortable out. saturday looks nice, sunday will have more clouds around the area. it means you will get to all of your sunday activities and it
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probably after you have gone back home and you' re getting ready for monday. and then kind of them between storm systems before another one skewed sin. it is that one that could be fairly potent and bring temperatures close to 60 and thunderstorms as well. it will be a cold one and plenty of sunshine, breezy and milder. 33 at 8 a.m. and 47 by lunchtime only down to 42 tomorrow night. same story again sunday night. s temperatures as we get to early next week. a little cooler on monday that there is the storm system to impact the area with a good
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it will turn colder after we warm-up early next week. mike: bump it up to 70 and we will be talking. earlier, we had a one-on-one with marvin lewis who is weighing in on lebron james recent comments about the bengals. sheree: fresh off of their huge road win against a top 10 team, xavier hits a buckeye in your pocket is lucky. the lucky buckeye company, it's my job to make sure that every buckeye is as lucky as can be.
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everyone thought was a lost cause. stick a fork in it, it's done. well, i say, you never ever give up on a buckeye. (inaudible whispering) (slot machines chiming) she's a buckeye whisperer!
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elise: the musketeers leave today. they are at the bottom of the conference with the one in seven record. that xavier is playing really well all season and they know better than to overlook this team, especially one that hails from a tough conference.
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conference. we know what they do and stay poised and walk out of there with a win. elise: the game is set for 2:00 on saturday. xavier is looking to pick up their third straight win. it' s a pretty great day for a former bearcats in hawaii for a pro bowl. the tight end agreed to a five-year $46 million extension with the kansas city chiefs. it includes $20 million in guaranteed money. cincinnati announcing less than an hour ago that suffering a bone bruise after this injury, they needed help off the floor and never returned to the game. the bearcats got out of that game 58-57 win. the bengals most recent playoff loss still stings many bengals
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lebron james spoke out in full support of marvin lewis but said the players whiffed on the opportunity and gave it away. i asked marvin what he thought. marvin lewis: the professional and competitor that he is, i think that means a lot. hopefully our players took that and took some comfort in that in the fact they are not there. he kept pushing his team to do more and be better. elise: as for what we will have later tonight, the owner will go head-to-head. all that and a host of other games tonight. mike: a lot of great games getting to the end of the season.
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sheree: it will be nice. kevin: what do you do in the 50' s and cincinnati? do that this weekend and make the outdoor plans now because it will be a nice-looking weekend. both saturday and sunday. it won' t be quite as sunny as on saturday. a nice-looking weekend. they were dodging a big blizzard. >> it' s go outdoors. mike: thank you for watching. blitz friday night with your news, weather, and basketball tonight at 11:00.
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